Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More adventure!

Okay, so Blogger has changed a few things since I last logged in...6+ months ago!

A lot has happened in those months.  I got a new job (which you won't find me talking a lot about on here, mainly because it's boring!) went back to Dallas for a month, and went on an around-the-world trip with my darling Secret Agent Man.  This trip was different because we were traveling with a friend we'd made in Cambodia the year before.  You'll see her referred to as "C" from here on out. 

So that's where this blog picks up again.  I was very diligent about making notes every day about what happened and now I've decided to revive the blog and elaborate on my chintzy notes.  Without further adieu, away we go to Africa!

June 1-3:  Travel Days - Got turned around in Jo'burg airport during int'l transfer. Worked to our advantage, no line at PP control & bags were waiting for us. Too old for back-to-back red-eye flights. Felt sick the first night in Maun.  I blame the travel.  Dinner @ Discovery B&B was good. 
Yes, it took us the better part of two days to get to Botswana.  Dallas-London-Johannesburg-Maun.  There's some frequent flyer miles for ya'!  The Dallas-London flight was rough, London-Jo'burg had 100 empty seats, so I was able to take a 3-seat row to myself and lay down for most of the 10 hours.  If only I had been able to sleep...  Jo'burg to Maun was okay.  I was just so tired by the time we got to the B&B that I crashed for 3 hours and still managed to get a decent night's sleep afterward.  The three of us had previously agreed that there would be no set wake-up call the next day and we would use that day to bop around Maun.

June 4:  Maun is like Alice. Dusty, windy, & dry but at least they have a Nando's. (and a copycat) Stopped for a break at Barcelo's for a cold drink & internet break. Walked around Maun for a while. Saw all of town we needed to see. Ate lunch at Kalahari Kafe. Had honey mustard chicken crepes , SAM had a mocha, C had a cappuccino. Coffee reviews were good. SAM haggled with the taxi driver and negotiated 40 pula for the trip back. Added another 10 when we got out b/c Discovery is 10k out of town.

So the first full day in Africa was honestly, a bit of a let-down for me.  I spent two days in transit and after all that travel time, end up in a place that looks EXACTLY LIKE HOME?!?!?  No, not exactly like Alice but very close.  Maun has more grocery stores.  And traffic lights.  And a freaking NANDO'S!  Seriously?  There's a Nando's in Maun, Botswana but not Alice Springs?  For some reason, SAM and I both find this amusing.  

On the way back to camp, we see a bunch of goats going to town on some bushes.  Again, for some reason, this was amusing.  I'm blaming the jet lag.
 Another funny sign we see is for a fast-food restaurant.  At least we think it's a fast-food restaurant.  Could very well be for a brothel and with that mental image, I'll leave that alone.  We return to the B&B for the night, along the banks of the beautiful Thamalakane River.

More later.

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